Often parents feel that a child should remain at home until they enter kindergarten if they have someone who can take care of them during the day. However, this way, children get too attached to their home environment and find it more challenging to adjust to school and make friends. It is a fact that children who have had an early education learn easier, adjust to school better, and make friends more easily.

1. Best during developmental years

Research has found that children who receive early learning, especially during their developmental years, have better social skills, better grades, a sense of responsibility, and react better to a more formal school environment. It also affects their further education, and they tend to have fewer behavioural problems since they were a part of an early learning community. The most problematic children did not receive early learning and became more withdrawn from others.

It has been proven time and time again that a pre-kindergarten education greatly benefits young children. It helps them adjust better to life starting from their developmental years. Do keep in mind that not all children might do well in a preschool environment, especially if they have siblings at home. However, if your child is an only child, it is vital to consider putting them in an early learning environment. Considering this, you should gather the information and find the best early learning environment for your child.

2. Value of early education

Usually, children begin attending kindergarten at about 5 or 6 years of age, and at this time, they already have an idea of what they think of the world around them. If they receive a pre-kindergarten education, they are better prepared for further learning and are more open and social. It entirely depends on your child and how eager they are for making friends and setting out on their own in their developmental years. Many children greatly benefit by making friends at this stage and discovering things on their own. Often children enjoy those hours they can be on their own and then look forward to the time they will be spending with their families.

Children who receive an early education discover talents they did not know they had and then look forward to more education as time goes on. Research has shown that many children do benefit and find value in an early learning environment. These children are usually the ones who do better at school and get better grades. Children who have received an early education tend to be more social and more open to sharing with others and making friends as they go along.

The best thing parents can do is consider their child and find out what they think about being away from home for some hours every day. If you consider putting your child into daycare, it is best to explore the environment with them. Take your child with you and visit some daycare centres in your neighbourhood, so your child recognizes the environment. Let them meet the staff and see how they react and see the groups they could be part of, and perhaps they will look forward to attending a child care at Bellmere. It could make the difference between having an unsure and scared child when they begin attending kindergarten or having a happy child looking forward to more school.